Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Diamonds in the Rough!

One of the most delicious foods happens to be also one of the most under appreciated. Mushrooms! Not only do certain fungi make a ho-hum meal into something extravagant, (take truffles for example: the Winter White Super Magnatun Italian Fresh Truffle retail for $3,000 per pound), they are the bedrock of the living world! I am reminded of this almost every time I see my brother-in-law Chris. He is a magnet for edible mushrooms, and seems to come in from every fishing hole with a bag full. Chanterelles, hen of the woods, chick of the woods, puffball, oysters, are all friends to him. And me! I love being around when he finds them so I can glean a few off the top to take home.
My Grandpa Ted also just drove this point home, giving me a sack of dehydrated morels for Christmas. So far they have graced a fairly "heady" chicken pot pie, with white wine and herbs, and shown up in homemade pesto pasta with sheep milk Parmesan. SO good!
Thanks Chris and Grandpa!

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