Monday, June 14, 2010

Baked Whole Trout with Lemon and Rosemary

A nice creek flows near my house, but the biggest fish I have spotted are minnows. If I had to catch my meals from its waters, I would need to work in steady shifts to net enough for dinner. Plus, I haven't really developed a taste for minnows. Trout on the other hand, is about as good as eating gets.
Harvested from the clean mountain waters of East Fork Farm the day before market, and baked with lemon, butter and rosemary, this fish was able to exit the stage with a graceful bow. The audience applauded.

Baked Whole Trout with Lemon and Rosemary: (Serves 2)
*1 whole fresh trout, cleaned and rinsed
*2 sprigs fresh rosemary
*1/2 lemon, sliced
*1 clove garlic, minced
*2 Tbsp butter
*sea salt and pepper

Preheat oven to 400. Line a baking dish with parchment. Place fish in dish. Arrange 3 lemon slices, 1 sprig rosemary, 1 Tbsp butter and half of the minced garlic inside fish.

Divide the second tablespoon of butter and place on top of the trout, with additional rosemary, garlic, sea salt and pepper. Scatter a few leftover slices of lemon in dish. Bake for about 15-20 minutes (time will vary depending on thickness of fish), or until all the way cooked through but not over done. Serve on a platter with fresh sauteed veggies or a large salad.

Remove bones before eating. You can reserve these (and head) for stock.

*Omega 3 fatty acids are not manufactured by the body, but are essential to human health. Taking in omega 3 rich foods, such as trout, has been proven to protect against a number of ailments, including:
*Heart disease
*High LDL cholesterol levels
*Bowel and colon cancer
*Inflammation/inflammatory diseases
*Blood clots
Trout is also a wonderful source of vitamin A, B3 (niacin), B6, B9 (folate), B12, selenium, iron, protein, and phosphorus.


  1. I can taste the sweetness...One of our all time favorites..Always available ...No Oil spill!!!!Thanks Rachel..

  2. Gorgeous pictures! My husband is an avid fly fisherman and trout is his specialty! He makes this amazing foil-wrapped concoction with sliced onion and Italian herbs and cooks it on the barbeque, it is delicious. I am forwarding this post to him! Thank you for all the inspirational recipes-I gave you a "Happy 101" award on my blog this week because your blog makes me happy! ;)

  3. Ah, the magic of comfort baked comfort food It brings us feelings of warmth and well being. It brings back memories of childhood and innocence.