Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Very Pleasant Surprise. . .

I am somewhat of a junkie. Yes, I'm coming clean. My name is Rachel Brownlee, and I am a food magazine-aholic. Food and Wine, Bon Appetit, Gastronomica (when I get the chance), Gourmet (before it sadly went out of print), Cooks Illustrated, Meatpaper, and my dear favorite, Saveur.

When I open the mailbox to find a shiny fresh issue, I immediately picture myself and my new magazine sneaking off together somewhere quiet. . .where we can be alone, far from any cares of the world.
Imagine my extra delight when this month's issue of Saveur patiently awaited under a stack of mail, only to reveal "The Market Issue!" I think I may have let out a little squeak. This one might require candlelight.

The intro reads: "THE LIFE OF MARKETS- Nothing offers a more vivid reflection of who (and where) we are than food markets, from a huge open-air bazaar to a handful of street vendors to our local farm stand. They awaken our senses, they fulfill us, they fuel our passion for cooking and eating, and they inspire us to seek out new tastes and experiences."


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