Monday, June 21, 2010


A visiting gem of a sister, with a love for the color purple, inspired this harvest. Rather than dig up the Yukon golds, I went for the purples and reds in her honor. Taken by the color while rinsing each tuber, Becky decided to put a little of her love into the mashed dish which followed. Simply whipped with Seven Stars yogurt, the blended array of colors reminded us of childhood's pastels.

Becky's Whipped Garden Potatoes:
*A bunch of early potatoes, rinsed
*plain whole yogurt and butter for whipping
*sea salt and pepper to taste
*1 clove of pressed garlic, optional.

Boil whole potatoes, with skins, in a large pot of salted water until tender. (Boiling potatoes whole keeps them from absorbing water and becoming water logged, for a creamier outcome).
Strain and transfer to a large mixing bowl. Using a potato masher or electric mixer, whip potatoes with butter, yogurt, salt, pepper and garlic, adjusting portions to your liking. Share with a special sibling/friend.


  1. I once wrote a paper on "The Humble Potato" for the Pen and Plate Club in Asheville...20 Mns. Presentation..The research was amazing!! Potatoes has a special place in history..Famine..Starvation."The french Pommes Frites".and Julia's own recipes for Yummy Scalloped potatoes..Then A certain V.P. Mispelling the name....On and On..great food great topic!Thank you for putting it Front and Center..

  2. Celine, I love the title "The Humble Potato." Would love to read it! A fascinating cultural and historical staple, still hanging on strong in a modern era! We planted too many I think, need to build some extra storage boxes for the fall. A good problem to have!