Friday, June 4, 2010

The Freshness Factor

Fresh is a relative term, perhaps subject to overuse. When something boasts "freshness" what does this really mean? Is "fresh" spinach still so after it has been poked, prodded and bagged by heavy machinery. . .2 weeks ago? Is milk fresh after it is exposed to extreme temperatures, shaken vigorously, fortified with synthetic vitamins (the originals damaged during processing) and bottled, so it can sit on a shelf for a week before sitting an additional 2 weeks in your fridge? What about eggs? Are eggs from factory chickens ever fresh? Tomatoes from the other side of the country? Fruits from the other side of the world?

I will tell you, I like fresh. The real fresh. I bought two hens from Stephen (East Fork Farm) at market, which had gotten the hatchet just the night before. The only chicken fresher than this are those still running around.

As far as fresh is concerned, this is the real McCoy!

For roasting instructions, refer to January's Lovely Roast Chicken post. Enjoy!

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