Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Grilled Romaine

This afternoon's downpour delivered a wave of relief. Watching thunderheads build and surf north or south or any direction other than overhead for the last two (plus) weeks had created some angst.
The gardens were thirsty, which it seems, is a direct thread to the human psyche....and it's own thirst.
It was the kind of display you can't help but stand still and watch, with the screen door propped open---big drops splashing your legs. Rain smells so good.
Once the clouds broke, it was time for a celebratory grill fire. And once the coals are hot and the meat has been adequately seared and infused with smoke, why not add the salad too?
Romaine is trusty because it can stand up to the heat. If you split a whole head in half and expose it to coals, your side can be as interesting as the main. Then lay it to rest on a serving slab (thank you Materia Designs), douse with dressing and shaved Asiago or Parmesan, chop and serve.

Rain and fire. 
 A donation of the elements.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Serviceberries: Two Ways

If you have a trout or two (thank you for the millionth time East Fork Farm), a cast iron skillet,  and a serviceberry tree dropping ripe berries, read on...

The first (above) does not include a recipe. Just grill, smoke or broil a fresh trout as you please (maybe rub it down with some fresh sage and dill, sea salt and black pepper), and spoon simmered serviceberries (cooked down briefly with a splash of water or red wine) over the entire thing, then adorn with more sage. Flake the meat off the bones with a fork and eat....with a good bottle of white.

The second (below) was created exclusively for Asheville Grit, Asheville's brand new online magazine serving as a soapbox for local voices (I have been graciously received as part of the gang).

This cake would be a spot-on treat to bring car camping. It's sturdy and rustic, a welcome snack after a day jumping into icy mountain swimming holes...tempering the heady buzz of woodland festivities.

For the full commentary and here.

Otherwise, a merry, freshly-hatched June to you all. And with all the things you could be doing with your time, I thank you, sincerely, for reading!