Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Serviceberries: Two Ways

If you have a trout or two (thank you for the millionth time East Fork Farm), a cast iron skillet,  and a serviceberry tree dropping ripe berries, read on...

The first (above) does not include a recipe. Just grill, smoke or broil a fresh trout as you please (maybe rub it down with some fresh sage and dill, sea salt and black pepper), and spoon simmered serviceberries (cooked down briefly with a splash of water or red wine) over the entire thing, then adorn with more sage. Flake the meat off the bones with a fork and eat....with a good bottle of white.

The second (below) was created exclusively for Asheville Grit, Asheville's brand new online magazine serving as a soapbox for local voices (I have been graciously received as part of the gang).

This cake would be a spot-on treat to bring car camping. It's sturdy and rustic, a welcome snack after a day jumping into icy mountain swimming holes...tempering the heady buzz of woodland festivities.

For the full commentary and here.

Otherwise, a merry, freshly-hatched June to you all. And with all the things you could be doing with your time, I thank you, sincerely, for reading!


  1. "Tempering the heady buzz of woodland festivities..." Nice line! These things look so good. Sometimes I feel like I could live in your kitchen. I could just make myself really small and kind of hang out in the corner and be really quiet most of the time. You wouldn't even know I was there. Oh but wait, yes you would because your kitchen inspires me to execute my dance moves. Darn it. Anyways, I checked out the Grit and it looks like you are in good company there...
    On another topic, it finally rained last night (or rather early Thor'sDay morning I should say), and the wild oysters on my stump right outside the kitchen popped out just a quickly. Any suggestions? I keep trying to love oyster mushrooms...

  2. I would love it if you lived in my kitchen....even regular sized...and dancing.
    No rain over here. Put in a good word with Thor for us. And maybe you could bring your oysters over and we could whip up a mushroom veggie burger or something?