Saturday, September 4, 2010

Vintage Food Images

A few pleasing food images from centuries past, taken from a vintage cookbook find, "Old Cook Books: An Illustrated History." *Original captions with photos.

How to carve a peacock. An Illustration from II Trinciate, 1593, by Vincenzo Cervio, a famous sixteenth century Italian cook book.

Death claims the cook. An engraving by Matthieu Merian for the 1744 edition of The Dance of Death.

A plate from The Young Woman's Companion; or Frugal Housewife, 1811, showing the most economical way to carve.

An after dinner treat. Grandvill's satire on master and servant in his Les Metamorphoses du Jour, 1828.

The joints of Beef. A typical full-page illustration from a late-ninteenth-century cook book.


  1. These pictures are fabulous! Fun post. (And your entire blog is beautiful, by the way. Love it!)

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