Monday, January 24, 2011

Maple Popcorn

One of my favorite Christmas gifts this year: a gallon of maple syrup from the small town of Wolcott, Vermont (thank you Nancy). A gallon is enough to have fun with, unlike most times when I'm only lucky enough to have a quaint half pint, which I hoard and selectively drizzle on special occasions only.

While winter pruning today outdoors, the thought of fairground kettle corn leapt into my brain. The sweet, salty, crunchy combination born from those dark kettles can't be beat. The thought did not go away. So naturally, I came home and did what any snack obsessed person in my situation would do, and hashed it out in the kitchen.
If I closed my eyes while I crunched on the perfect, sea-salted, maple concoction, I could almost hear the faint music from the ferris wheel.

Maple Popcorn: (serves 4)
*3 tablespoons refined coconut oil
*1/4 cup maple syrup
*3/4 cup popcorn kernels
*sea salt to taste

*The key to this recipe is getting the temperature just right. Too low and the corn will not pop. Too high and the maple syrup will quickly burn. A standard medium heat does well.

Begin by placing a large heavy pot (fitted with a lid) over medium heat. Add the coconut oil, maple syrup and a dash of sea salt. Allow to heat until gently bubbling. Add the popcorn and cover with a lid. Keep a close eye on the liquid. If it begins to brown, lower heat slightly.
Once corn begins to pop, keep the pot moving over heat to keep from burning. Once popping tapers off, remove lid quickly (keeping any condensation from dripping onto popcorn).
Immediately transfer to a large metal bowl.
Sprinkle with additional sea salt and enjoy.


  1. Glad it worked out for you! I partied hard after work with a World's Best Chocolate Carrot Cupcake. Then I yawned all the way home. I'm not hungry for dinner, but probably will be at about bed time. That popcorn sounds too good. See you soon.

  2. Looks delicious! I love maple syrup so much.

  3. Might have to try this today. We eat a lot of popcorn and maple syrup in this house. Love the idea of combining!

  4. I had a craving for salted maple popcorn last night, but didn't want to go through the whole process of adding the maple to the already popped corn and baking it, etc. I found your recipe, and it was perfect! Quick, easy, and delicious. Thank you!

  5. Do you have to use coconut oil? I find its taste off-putting.

  6. You can easily use butter, but it does not withstand high heat like coconut oil, so be careful it doesn't burn by keeping the pan moving over the burner.