Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tropical Flavors

A return trip to Costa Rica recently reunited me with my love for tropical fruit. Not the tropical fruit found in the brightly lit, overly air-conditioned supermarkets here in most of the United States, but the ripe, juicy gifts native to tropical soil.
Ripened by the strong heat of the sun, I love to indulge while the fruit is still warm and relaxed, infused with its sweet liquid. Favorites: papaya, mango, platanos (plantain), "date" bananas, cantaloupe, all matter of melons, and pineapple.
Placing the tender fruit rinds on a plank for the birds is the ultimate scene. Not to mention the flowers. Oh you could almost eat the flowers.
Please enjoy a few images from the land of eternal sunshine. . .

A roadside stand, well known by our hosts, became our first destination

Next to the cooler: bottles filled with local honey

Breakfast: 1st course

Other fruit lovers

And finally, some food for the eyes:

Mmmmm. . .


  1. Goodness You brought back some Fabulous memories Of CR....Thank you!Best to the Brownlees!!All the senses are drooling!

  2. Costa Rica, must have been like feeling in heaven for a little while. Beautifull foto's, and yes my senses are drooling as well. Eduard.

  3. How can they handle flying around with those humongous beaks??? Whoa, man...

  4. Stunning photos! Thanks for the reminder that some foods are so special and delicate that they're best enjoyed right where they grow.