Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sea Salt and Black Pepper Crusted Whole Local Trout

Dear East Fork Farm,
You have officially ruined us. Since we have known you, we can no longer fully enjoy duck, or lamb, or rabbit unless it dwelled with you first. It's just not the same. No more pizza night verses eating in. Your fresh hens trump the ease of eating on the fly. You have made your mark on all of my aprons. You have caused me to fill my sink with dirty dishes, leaving them for the morning after eating a meal too satisfying to rise early from the table. You have made me absent minded as I blissfully recall meals since passed. I talk less at dinner. My fork lingers. My cloth napkins are a wreck. You've driven me to photographing dead trout. My freezer is overflowing with homemade stock. I haven't seen my doctor in years. I am spoiled rotten.
Thank you!

Sincerely yours,

Sea Salt and Black Pepper Crusted Whole Local Trout:
*1 fresh whole locally caught/raised rainbow trout, cleaned and rinsed
*sea salt
*black pepper
*3 thin slices of lemon

Preheat oven to 375.
Clean trout. Rinse under cold water.
Place on a lined baking sheet. Arrange lemon slices in belly cavity. Completely coat the top layer of skin with generous amounts of sea salt and black pepper. Add pats of butter inside fish if you desire (I'm guessing you will).
Bake until skin slightly blisters and flesh is just done, about 15 minutes. Time will vary according to size of fish. Do not over over bake.
Enjoy with oven roasted sweet and gold potato wedges and a fresh garden salad.
*Save the bones, head and tail for stock.


  1. So wonderful! I love trout season, nothing beats fresh local trout!

  2. yummmm! looks like a great farm, thanks for the tip. we just bought a house in Asheville, so I'm looking forward to meeting new farmers and finding all local sources for our food!