Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Natural Wonders: Part II

In lieu of an impressive recipe or photos of bodacious plates of food, I bring you Natural Wonders Part II: The miniature egg from the hen house. If you recall the original Natural Wonders, you may begin to feel as though anything is possible. The moral of this story: little creatures are capable of extraordinary things.


  1. Thank you for the right-on-time reminder: anything is possible. I love the miniature egg. It resonates with a deeply primal and, I dare say, archetypcal corner of my psyche. Also it conjures memories of vats and vats of tiny speckled quail eggs in dark weird Chinese street markets. Of course I would rather eat your egg any day. Did you feed it to Sophia?

  2. Stopping by from Welcome Friday. Looking forward to following you!