Friday, June 29, 2012

French Lentil Spinach Dip

Less expected than hummus, just as easy to prepare (minus the part about photographing a puree of legumes and dark leafy greens resulting in this regrettable tonal range). What it lacks in appearance is made up for in flavor. I promise.

French Lentil Spinach Dip:
*2 cups dry French lentils, rinsed
*4 1/2 cups water
*2 Tablespoons butter
*1/2 sweet onion, chopped
*sea salt
*black pepper
*pinch cumin
*stems from 3 garlic scapes (or 2 cloves garlic)
*1 cup steamed spinach (or 1 cup thawed and drained frozen spinach)
*extra virgin olive oil

Steam spinach leaves. Set aside.
Place a saucepan over medium heat. Add butter. Saute onion until clear and aromatic, about 5 minutes. Add lentils and water. Season with sea salt. Reduce heat to low, cover and simmer until lentils are tender. Fluff cooked lentils with a fork and allow to cool slightly.
Transfer lentils to a food processor. Add garlic scapes or cloves, spinach, cumin, sea salt and pepper to taste. Puree, slowly adding enough olive oil until smooth.
Serve with assorted raw vegetables and sourdough or pita triangles.

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