Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Parable of the Ruby-Throated

Although we have mined too deep,
 cast our nets too often,
 hunted too many,
 and made extinct;
 nature continues
 to demonstrate
 its unyielding


  1. WORD.
    Now wait a minute, is that bird alive? How did you get it sit in your hand?

  2. It was a fledgeling Micah found in the grass. Glad he didn't eat it before I was able to scoop it up and let it warm up on my hand. It hung out for about 10 minutes then flew to some near by flowers for a snack. A happy ending.

  3. Lucky bird, to make a start like that in live.

  4. lovely poem. gave me goose bumps, my dear.
    I would like to have this printed and hung on my wall, please.