Saturday, September 15, 2012

Northeast Kingdom

A trip to Northern Vermont for a visit with family included plenty of memorable tastes: In order from top:

~Chocolates from Laughing Moon Chocolates in Stowe, handcrafted by my college roomie Anna. The picture is blurry due to overwhelming excitement. Almond and fleur de sel topped coconut truffles, peppermint patty truffles (my fave), caramel-peanut butter dark chocolate truffles, and house made s'mores.

~Geese flying over Wolcott pond.

~Chasing Rhode Island Reds.

~Piping hot homemade line-caught bluefish dip with capers and herbs, alongside a perfectly executed sourdough loaf, provided by my brother-in-law's bro, Matty. Wish I could have this everyday.

Not pictured: A lovely trip to Rock Art brewery's tasting taproom, where heady brews and local maple syrup were gathered and brought home. Countless garden inspired meals eaten outdoors overlooking the lake, the browning goldenrod and stray monarchs who missed the train to Mexico.

Alas, it is near time to come to grips with summer's fleeting company. I cannot think of a better place to do so.


  1. Did you bring home any chocolates?
    Any recipes; specially from the sourdough loave.

  2. The chocolates didn't last very long. But I will inquire for the bread recipe Eduard. Hope we can make dinner happen one of these nights soon!

  3. That fish dip sounds (and looks) so good! I did a quick search for recipes and none looked near that good. Any way he would share the recipe? Or maybe you could post a rendition one day. Thanks!

  4. The Laughing Moon Chocolte Pepermint Patties are my most favorite! Glad you enjoyed them just as much as I do!