Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Bountiful Harvest

All the sweet potatoes have been unearthed and put up for months ahead with ample help from my 15 month old (a great sidekick as long as I kept the fresh figs and raspberries close by).
Looking forward to dipping into this stash.


  1. Nice looking spuds! (Can one call sweet potatoes spuds, in the nature of slang?) Really, I am impressed with the girth of those guys- it can be tricky in our mountain region to get any of a good size in a season. And I am surprised what with our strange weather year that those look so perfect. Course with the warming of the terrain, maybe this will become an old standard for Sophia's generation. Maybe North Carolina will become #1 in sweet potatoes (if it isn't already- it's somewhere up there, along with hog production.) I digress. I will be by this week to get the meat. Word.

  2. The sweet potatoes have never disappointed us here on this property, but this may be due to where the garden is next to the creek. It is just sandy enough. Some of them are mammoth. And you are right Dane, NC grows over 60% of the nation's sweet potatoes. The hog situation is less savory, thanks to Smithfield. But I will save this for another post.