Monday, April 22, 2013

Sochan (Rudbeckia laciniata)

My woodland dwelling friend brought over a heap of wild greens, introducing me for the first time to Rudbeckia lacinata, known by the Cherokee as Sochan. It is a very sweet, pleasant tasting green (lacking any bitterness), branching out of the forest floor in early spring with substantial leaves and tender stems. She suggested a quick simmer in boiling water before sauteing the wilted leaves in butter and garlic. It made a bright accompaniment to a fresh fried egg and slice of local sourdough. Excellent sprinkled with sea salt or feta cheese.

For tips on identification, check out this great informational video from Juliet Blankespoor of the Chestnut School of Herbal Medecine right here in WNC. 

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  1. Hello, Do you perhaps know of the micronutrients inside the Rudbeckia Lacianata? Do you know how much oxalate is in this gem?