Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring Equionx

Here again, 
while beasts slumber
beneath their lofty furs,
the decay of previous 
bloom and fruit
make a crib 
for the freshly born.


 (Sanguinaria canadensis, Bloodroot)

(Goodyera pubescens, Rattlesnake plantain)


  1. The Brownlees must have really hit the sweet spot yesterday! It is simply amazing to bear witness to the springing forth of new life from the cradles of last season's decay. I am grateful for the promise of green resurrection, and I think we can dare to dream about new waves of blossoming within ourselves as well. The preacher man yesterday talked about resurrection and redemption. The bloodroot stands as wtiness.

  2. Who is the poem from? Amazingly beautiful! Whow!!!!

  3. Thanks for the picture of new growth. Here in the Northeast old man winter is just not letting go of winter!