Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Dilly Beans

The mountain of beans has been tamed...for the time being. I owe the red pepper heart idea to my friend Suzy in Bellingham, Washington. She is full of inspiration, and usually takes projects to the highest possible heights with extreme artistic devotion, charming everything she touches.
The garden is requiring regular harvests which then require a place to put them. The fridge is chaos. Supper generally includes zucchini three ways, beans three ways, cucumber three ways and maybe a poached egg. It's impossible to eat it all.
So an entire afternoon was reluctantly devoted to canning. Honestly, this method of putting-by is a mixed bag for me. I enjoy an aspect of it, but canning requires following stringent instructions (so you don't unintentionally gift your loved ones botulism over the Holidays), and the humid nature of the project isn't always fun. Gladly we are in a bit of a cool snap, and yesterday turned out to be the perfect day for leaning over a massive pot of boiling water and hot brine.
This is the time in the season for pushing ahead and getting things dealt with as best possible, despite being a little worn out, and possibly a bit uncomfortable throughout the process. There is still a large scoop of satisfaction in it all, and of course---little red pepper shapes to remind us to keep a grateful heart.

For Dilly Bean recipe, I referred to the National Center for Home Processing, and only added dill seed to the brine. Please note to carefully follow an official recipe without altering ingredients to maintain a safe pH.


  1. Rachel, those are gorgeous. The hearts are the sweetest little things. Whoever pops open a jar of your dilly beans will surely feel the love as much as Walter was feeling the love for Donny at the end there by the ocean...
    I am feeling the love with my grateful heart for the pounds of zucchini and cucumbers that I have in the fridge to deal with this week. Zucchini relish. Bread and butter pickles. And I'm going to grate and freeze some zucchini too as an experiment. Time to move the final groundhog out of the freezer to make more room.

  2. Sorry, I am late but have been to Menphis TN; I admire the people who make time for processing the foods and storing them for later. Forget that groundhog and get these cums in there.