Saturday, July 10, 2010

Grandmothers, Friends, and Rose Tea

A package arrived from my grandmother today. I was in a fluttery daze while unwrapping the contents. They just don't make things the way they used to. Her contribution completes a collection of tea things from both sides of the family tree. My father's late mother Barbara, left behind a similar, and completely unique, mismatched set, which somehow fell into my excitable hands.

My friend Dana, is somewhat of a medicinal herb guru and has a devout interest in most things naturally pristine, (while also sharing an equal love for old-fashioned tea sets). At any given moment, one could find anything from a straw hat filled with rose petals, to a freshly found, and recently deceased indigo bunting, inside the cab of her truck. Not to forget about the steady presence of "Foreigner's Greatest Hits," often within close proximity to the driver's seat. A person like this not only keeps you entertained with tales from the woods, but has an uncanny way of sharing hospitality where ever she goes.
On many occasions, while gardening together, Dana will have had the forethought to bring along a cooler filled with ice and assorted iced teas for those lucky enough to work along side her. A godsend on a hot day. Or anytime for that matter. Here is one of my favorite blends, which Dana explains as having cooling properties.

Dana's Cooling Rose Tea:
*4 green tea bags
*a handful of fresh rose petals (a cooling medicinal)
*5-7 crushed rose hips (contains refreshing vitamin C)
*local honey (full of native pollens, offering homeopathic properties)
*1 quart jar

Steep the tea bags, rose petals and rose hips in quart jar filled halfway with boiling water, for about 20 minutes. Add honey to taste, keeping in mind that the tea will be diluted by ice. Fit the jar with a lid and gently shake. Fill the jar with ice cubes. Strain into a tea pot and add additional ice. Pour into tea cups and enjoy!

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  1. Such delicate and beautiful china goodies. I cannot wait to partake from one of those little lovelies. I am tickled pink to be included and spoken so kindly of here in this corner of cyber space. Thanks, Rach!