Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cornmeal Crusted North Carolina Flounder

Frank from Let It Grow Organic Gardens, has a friend who lives on Kitty Hawk. They have teamed up to bring fresh NC fish to market, bless them. Last Saturday, I came home with the most beautiful flounder fillets.
In route home, I went by my favorite, newly discovered wine store to grab a bottle to go with the fish. All of their wines are sourced from sustainably harvested grapes, and the staff is over the top awesome!
Let me just say, the meal which followed, made time. stand. still.
A toast to Frank, to the coast, to fish, to wine grapes, and to outdoor seating!

Cornmeal Crusted Flounder:
*2 fresh flounder fillets, rinsed
*1 egg, beaten
*1 cup local corn meal
*1 tsp sea salt
*1/2 tsp black pepper
*3 Tbsp butter
*lemon wedge

Place a large cast iron skillet over medium/low heat with the butter. Beat the egg and pour into a shallow dish. Mix the cornmeal with the salt and pepper in a shallow bowl or rimmed plate. Dip each side of one fillet into the beaten egg.

Dredge in the cornmeal, making sure to cover whole surface. Place to one side of the heated pan. Repeat with remaining fillet.
Pan fry each side for about 1 1 /2 minutes, or until a golden crust appears. Cook until just done, about 4 minutes total. Time will vary depending on thickness of fillet. Just make sure not to over cook.

Garnish with chopped parsley and a squeeze of fresh lemon. Serve with side of corn on the cob, roasted okra, and a glass of white, if you like.

Roasted okra recipe to follow. . .

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