Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Watermelon Fresca

The line between Mexico and the US has never been such a broad one, and without getting too political, I am grateful for many of the influences provided by Mexico's vibrant culture here in the States. Agua frescas, (fresh waters), or aguas de frutas, (fruit waters) are such a fine, cooling Mexican tradition, worth adopting immediately. Fruits blended with water and citrus are served over ice to bring the internal temperature down to peaceful levels. Salud!

Watermelon Fresca:
*3 cups ripe watermelon, seeds and rind removed, cut into cubes
*2 cups fresh water
*squeeze of fresh lime
*a sprig of fresh mountain mint for each glass

Blend the watermelon, water and lime in blender. Fill glasses with ice. Pour liquid over ice and garnish with mint. Find some shade and drink up!


  1. what time are you pouring said refreshing beverage? never mind...i'm on my way ;)

  2. Anytime for you darlin'! Come on over!

  3. Yum! I feel cooler just reading the recipe!

  4. Looks good in this kind of heat,can you combine it with an alcoholic beverage?? Edaurd

  5. Ha! You can do whatever your wonderful heart desires!

  6. My boys couldn't get enough of this, thanks for the inspiration!