Monday, October 25, 2010


The season begins. . .



Mammoth Sunflower



Paw Paw

Broom Corn

. . . the same way it ends.


  1. Rach. This post is right up my alley. Speaks straight to the heart. Gets the job done. Right on time. Just what the doctor ordered. Hit it on the nose. Bingo. Seeds are one of my most favorite and treasured things. When I was in Mexico a few years back for Day of the Dead, there were these skulls and candies all over the place made out of seeds, mostly amaranth- stuck together with honey or sugar or something. They were ceremonial and for sale and delicious. I really like that the amaranth seed was somehow associated with the Day of the Dead, when the veils are thin and the spirits of the beloved come back to visit. It seems so natural and ancient and perfect to use seeds to celebrate the dead, and also the beginning and the end and the beginning again, as you so poignantly displayed on your post. You are inspiring me to want to do a seed shrine for the party- if time allows.