Monday, June 6, 2011

Photo Reflection

It's that time again- when I gush on a recent food image which literally stopped me in my magazine-flipping tracks. Of course, it appeared in SAVEUR. Somehow this foodie publication never fails to capture the brilliant moments in food culture.
The cropped image of these two women, (photographed by Todd Colman) says so much. (I had the magazine turned to this page while cooking, thus the addition of splattered cream). I love everything about the photo: from the mismatched stools to their fantastic old-school aprons. I gather they must know one another, perhaps are even sisters, and no doubt, know exactly what they're doing with that dough.
If I were standing there watching; their practiced hands expertly slapping pieces of dough into disks, I would enjoy overhearing their conversation. It probably included plenty of good neighborhood gossip intertwined with guttural laughs and broad smiles. I imagine the sun has made its mark upon their faces. I know they can cook meals fit for kings. . in their sleep. Yet they most likely cook mainly for family and visitors with as much ease as breathing itself.
I bet the meal following this dough session was one to remember: rich with pungent spices and years of fine tuning, steeped in centuries of authentic Mexican tradition. For a Scotch-English white girl, I can almost taste it as if it were my own.

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