Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Weekend on East Fork Farm

To celebrate my husband's birthday, we decided it was time to get out of town. We have been wanting to explore the guest cottages on one of our favorite farms since they were built a few years ago, but hadn't pulled it together until now. It was by far the best mini-vacation in ages. The cedar hot tub was a true highlight, overlooking the gorgeous Blue Ridge mountains and pastures. Each sunrise and sunset was taken in while soaking and sipping local coffee or the evening's nightcap.
Though January may seem like a strange time to vacation in the mountains, we were lucky enough to be on the farm while the ewes were lambing, giving us a chance to visit with the fresh little babes. They are the most endearing creatures on earth.

(visiting with a runt in need of some warmth by the Robertson's wood stove)

We have been enjoying meats and eggs from East Fork Farm for years, and relished this opportunity to see the grounds. Stephen and Dawn Robertson set a new standard for sustainable agriculture, inspiring guests like us to overachieve with grace. Their hospitable nature was in every detail of our stay.
Last evening we enjoyed one of their chickens with new insight. Animal husbandry is no dream-boat livelihood; full of sweat and tears, and hardly affords a true break, but is it something some are driven to do by an unspoken force. We are proud to know such lovely folks, fortunate to partake in the fruits of their labors, and have such fond memories from our stay.

*For you locals, check out East Fork Farm guest cottages by visiting
Read the full article on our stay in the Mountain Xpress.


  1. this looks like a lovely weekend away. is there anything cuter than a baby lamb?? perhaps a picture of a baby lamb with your baby! ;)

  2. I have to admit, it's a pretty killer combination Jen! We really need to try and cross paths one of these days soon now that you are officially an Ashevillian!

  3. what nice and absolutely beauty pictures, and the baby is awesome and cute!!

  4. Thank you Gloria! And a sincere thanks for reading!

  5. Rachel, I have always loved your beautiful blog with all of your lovely photographs. But I must say, this may be the cutest, most beautiful post yet!