Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Broth Season

Tis the season for bones and chicken feet gently bubbling away on the stove top, infused with the smell of lemon and celery. Bring on the cold weather.


  1. ooh la la! Four half gallons. Let's see, that would be 2 to pour down the kitchen drain and 2 to keep...Just kidding. For reals, thanks again for the moral support when I accidentally dumped half of my righteous rooster broth down the sink!

  2. Do not worry; there are enough roosters running around. How do you get it so golden brown and clear?

  3. Dana, EVERYONE has had moments even worse in the kitchen, they just usually get lucky enough not to have a crowd witness it. You handled that mishap so gracefully, the sign of a well adjusted human being! And Eduard, the key is to never let the water boil because the proteins will become suspended in the liquid resulting in a murky broth. Keeping the liquid hot enough to raise a bubble about every 2 to 3 seconds is perfect, and I usually do this for about 12 to 24 hours.