Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Minimalist Fare

I feature a lot of recipes on here, perhaps giving the impression that all I do is hang out in the kitchen. Painting this picture, (as quaint as it is), just isn't fair to all of you. I am not the perfect cook. There are many evenings when I just don't have it it me to chop, saute, and braise. Obviously I enjoy such activities very much, but there are moments when all I want to do is have someone bring me supper....and clean up the kitchen afterwards.
This evening was a fine example. Not finishing office work until 6pm, my husband stepped in as the dinner hero. Actually he was tired too. His solution? Tapas. Otherwise known as little bites to go with your wine.
Historically, tapas (taken from the Spanish word tapar, meaning "to cover") were served on small plates or in large enough bites to cover the top of your wine glass, keeping flies from diving into your drink while you chatted and ate. Brilliant! It worked in early Spain, it works in modern America. A wise tradition, not to be forgotten!

Jason's Tapas Menu:
*assorted marinated olives
*local City Bakery sourdough bread wedges
*local Spinning Spider rosemary and fig chevre
*smoked wild kipper
*avocado slices
*ginger preserves
*local (from Raleigh, NC) Escazu sea salted dark chocolate
*organic red wine

Pairs well with outdoor seating!

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  1. Get it Jason! What I'm getting at is that you really know how to pull it together, with style.