Monday, March 1, 2010

Mountain Oasis!

A friend of mine and her family happen to own and operate one of the most beautiful historic B&B's in the WNC mountains, the Mountain Magnolia Inn. We had an opportunity to stay a night this past weekend, which featured a house prepared dinner by their resident chef, Martha. We were overjoyed to stay in the rich and luxurious "Walnut Suite" overlooking the extensive grounds, home to a tremendous sprawling walnut tree, guessed to be as old as the Inn itself, about 125 years!
Given that I don't bring cell phones or other gadgets to the table (i.e my camera), I decided to paint our meal for you.....I know, how did all of this amazing "Picasso like" talent go unnoticed until now?

I will do you a favor and interpret this masterpiece:

Pecan Crusted North Carolina Trout
Haricot Vert
Sweet Potato Puree
House made Pecan and Caramelized Onion Bread
Pinot Nior

We also demolished a house salad of organic greens, sliced apple, pecans, goat cheese and shredded carrot! Absolutely delicious, and worth recreating at home! What a true treat!


  1. I am just tickled pink at your water color. My mind is trying to interpret at what moment in the weekend you went ahead and pulled out the paints and whipped that bad boy out? (And where do you even keep a set of water colors?) I love it and think you should do a little more of that once in a while. Thanks so much for coming and staying and consulting and then painting, and, well, everything.

  2. Didn't you know never to leave home without a mini watercolor set and brushes? Just kidding. I painted it when we got home. What a great time! Thanks again Dane! Safe travels and happy baby holding!