Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekend Breakfast..Spiced French Toast!

I love waking up on Sunday and heading straight for my favorite spot in the house, the kitchen. I get the water boiling, grind some shade grown coffee, (my weekend treat), and start cooking. The pace is leisurely while the low winter sun crawls in through the windows, bumping into the steam from our mugs. The whole wheat bread leftover from baking our "slider buns" earlier in the week, spends it's last morning here on earth dunked in spiced egg and milk, and pan fried to golden brown. Seven stars biodynamic yogurt, coconut, seeds and honey will force your fork into the first bite before you even reach the table. I love the weekends!

Spiced French Toast:
*4-6 thick slices of high quality bread
*2 fresh eggs
*generous splash of cream or whole milk
*pinch ground cinnamon
*pinch ground clove
*1 cardamom pod, finely grated
*dollop almond extract
*splash vanilla

Mix the eggs, milk, spices, vanilla, and almond extract together in a medium bowl. Set a large cast iron pan over medium heat with a bit of butter. Dunk the bread slices in egg mixture one at a time flipping a few times to fully saturate. Cook each side to golden brown. Continue with remaining slices. Cut on the diagonal, arrange on a plate and top with plain yogurt, nuts, seeds, flaked coconut, and drizzled honey. Linger over your last's the weekend!

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