Friday, February 19, 2010

Top Faves....

There are some things this girl in an apron cannot do without. Here are some of my top favorite kitchen staples......oh so good!

In order from top left to right:

1. Flower of the Ocean Celtic Sea Salt- once you try this you will never go back to regular table salt. Celtic Sea Salt is distributed right here in WNC by the Grain and Salt Society.
2. Avocado- to be such a fan of local/seasonal eating, avocados are my total's worth it!
3. Carrots- most dishes, from stir-frys to soups benefit from this amazing, sweet root.
4. Our Daily Red Organic Table Wine- at $8.50/bottle, organic & sulfate free, and super delicious, It pays to always have it around.
5. Miso Master Miso Paste- great for miso soup or added to sauteed veggies as a nutritious flavoring. Produced right here in town! Don't worry, miso is fermented soy, making it a whole different beast than non-fermented soy products. The phytic acid is neutralized during fermentation, and consuming fermented foods promotes friendly intestinal flora, aiding digestion!
6. Lusty Monk Original Sin Mustard- like no other mustard! Brilliantly crafted here in Asheville, available at our local groceries in the refrigerated section, and at Farmer's Market. It really packs some heat!
7. Garlic- I go through at least 3-4 cloves per day. My friends the Haney's used to say, 1 clove per person per dish. It never fails.
8. Bubbies Sauerkraut- Very good with meat dishes or as a little afternoon nibble. Kicks sugar cravings to the curb in a hurry! Kraut is another fermented "live" food promoting good bacteria in the body.
9. Flat Leaf Italian Parsley- I've never figured out what the curly stuff is for?
10. Celery- an absolute must. Makes everything flavorful, from stocks and soups to sauces and sautes.
11. Lemon- lemon zest is the secret ingredient in anything that seems like it's missing something. Combine lemon with garlic, butter and sea salt, and it makes anything taste good.
12. Ginger Root- love it steeped in hot water for sipping or in marinades and stir-frys.
13. Loose Organic Green Tea- every day begins with a mugful!

Share yours.....

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  1. full fat milk or cream
    Barry's Gold Blend Irish Tea
    unrefined coconut oil