Monday, April 26, 2010

Farmer's Omelette!

There was this hole in the wall spot where I used to grab breakfast in high school called "The Shack". It was the kind of place located way off the beaten path where you could get a greasy breakfast, diner style coffee and maybe some bait and tackle on the way out. Just the thing after a late night of "socializing".
I remember distinctly what I would go there for. Their "country mini-mess"; a scrambled plate of eggs, onions, potato, and cheese. If you were really hungry, the "country mess" would do the trick. A cup or two of black coffee and all was right in the world.

I was very happy to see Carol (the mushroom lady), back at market on Saturday, and her table of little brown bags filled with homegrown mushrooms. And Ann from Gaining Ground farm with a basket of squeaky clean, perfectly bundled leeks, and farm fresh eggs.

This recipe is an ode to the old days. Had I opted to scramble, I would have called it "farmer's market mini-mess". But alas, an omelette is just a little more photogenic.

Farmer's Omelette: (serves 2-3)
*5 fresh eggs, beaten
*handful oyster mushrooms, sliced
*1 large leek, or 3 small leeks
*1 clove garlic, minced
*sea salt and pepper
*a bit of parmesan

Chop the leeks using the white and light green portion only. Saute with oyster mushrooms and garlic in butter over med/low heat. Salt and pepper. Meanwhile, set a large cast iron pan
over medium-low heat. Coat with butter or refined coconut oil. Pour in the beaten eggs, turning the pan to evenly distribute the egg. Allow to set up.

When the top is beginning to firm, add the sauteed leeks and mushrooms to one side of the omelette. Sprinkle with parmesan. Carefully fold the plain egg side of the omelette over the loaded side. Allow any remaining egg liquid to cook before removing from pan, slicing and serving with shredded greens and any remaining sauteed leek/mushrooms. Sprinkle with sea salt.

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