Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Herbal Highball!

The highball part was just to grab your attention, and now that you're here I will tell you... this is really herbal iced tea. I suppose you could add something a little stronger if it's that sort of "teatime" but this particular recipe is just good old clean fun. A blend of 10 herbs, fresh water and sun will provide you with the most refreshing afternoon brew.

Herbal Highball:
*2 Tbsp local "Blessed Botanicals" tea blend (crafted here in Mars Hill, NC) of:
-organic red rooibos,
-green rooibos,
-buchu leaf,
-lemon balm,
-oat straw,
-cinnamon bark,
-orange peel,
-pink peppercorns,
-and hibiscus.
*1/3 cup dried lemon verbena

Place herbs in a quart ball jar. Fill with pure water. Cover with a lid and set in the sun for about 2 hours. Shake occasionally. Strain and serve over ice, maybe with a sprig of fresh mint if you have one.



  1. Looks great Rachel! Where do you get the "Blessed Botanicals"?

  2. Thanks Penina!
    Greenlife sells Blessed Botanicals, and this combination was called "Ropes to God" minus the verbena. All profits are donated to the Indigenous Land Rights Fund in support of the San Bushmen of the Kalahari. You can read more about the company at www.blessedbotanicals.com.

  3. Thanks Rachel. I stopped by Green Life today. Unfortunately, they stopped selling the brand. Will keep my eye out for it at the tailgates!